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Nov. 2014 Newsletter
Summer 2014 Newsletter

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Welcome to the Companions Journeying Together website! We provide a forum to personally impact the emotional, spiritual, and social lives of the incarcerated and their families. Our vision is for a society that lives by the principles of restorative justice.

Gift Wrapping Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who supported us by getting their gifts wrapped or by volunteering to make our fundraiser a success! We appreciate everyone's support of our cause.

At the same time, we want to try to find the owners of two gifts that were left behind on 21 December and 24 December. If you are the owner of these gifts and can identify either of them, we will make sure that we get it back to you. Please contact us.

Storybook Volunteers Needed

You may have heard of the Aunt Mary's Storybook Project through which children of incarcerated people at various county jails receive a new book and a recording of their parent reading the story to them. You have thought that this was a special program. You are invited to help. Specifically, we are looking for three to four people, including one or two men, to go with us in to the Kane County Jail, DuPage County Jail, or Cook County Jail once a month to help participants choose their books and to assist with the recording sessions. We are also in need of one to three people who could volunteer from home by downloading the recordings onto CDs and prepare the packages for mailing. For more information, or to sign up, please contact us.

We need books for children of incarcerated parents. Please consider doing a book drive for Companions! Go to Resources and see how you can help!